Windows On Woodstock

Windows On Woodstock is my textile art studio in Santa Ynez, CA. It is a converted barn which sits high on a hill overlooking Woodstock Road and the Santa Ynez Valley. Within the 1500+ square feet I create art pieces from my hand dyed fabrics which I screen print, paint, stencil, otherwise embellish and stitch. My work ranges from representational to conceptual to abstract. Several series are incorporated into my body of work.

Belinda Hart

Windows On Woodstock

Thursday, October 8, 2015

 These two pieces are a subset of my "Vineyard Series" called Winter Vines.  The top is a new piece, and has not yet seen any exhibits.  The bottom was part of my solo exhibition at Caravintas Winery from July 3 until September 29 of this year.  It has found a new home at St.Marks-in-the-Valley Church in Los Olivos.  I am so thrilled to have it there.  A triptych, not shown here, now belongs to Bob and Vickie Baehner of Baehner Fournier Vineyards.  I'm planning to do more in this series.  I love the imagery in the vines and terrain.  

These are three pieces in a music series that I have been working on.  The piece above is entitled Bass Notes.                                             

This piece is Dream in E Minor, after my favorite violin concerto--Mendolsohn's Violin Concerto in E Minor.                                      

And this is Polonaises, named after the Chopin Polonaises, and the faint back print of the sheet music.  All are now framed, and they look great as a series.